Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines and Strawberries For Daddy


  1. Wow Kristin, love the Valentines! Thanks to your awesome idea we made the choc covered strawberries (and colored a homemade card) for Daddy. It was so easy and he LOVED it! did Olivia. I've got some great pics of her face smeared with chocolate:)

  2. They are so yummy! What chocolate did you end up using? The only problem is now Nate asked for chocolate strawberries about 20 times today... not exaggerating

  3. So I totally wrote you all of these replies last night and for some reason they didn't post. Boo.

    Oh well, here is the condensed version.

    Olivia was OBSESSED with the strawberries too. Hahaha! I let her eat way too many of them since she was so adorable with chocolate smeared all over her face and I was trying to get a good pic.

    We used the Cote D'Or chocolate from Belgium. I'll hook you up with some:) We used a recipe for Choc covered strawberries from So easy and they were awesome!! I saved the extra chocolate sauce and we had it over ice cream last night. It was kind of like that magic shell stuff I remember having when I was a kid. Yummy