Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Craft - Footprint Art - Candy Corn

Gotta do this... this week.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Options

Something overtakes me when the weather changes and Fall begins to show.  Halloween may be my favorite holiday... even more than Christmas.  Before I had children I always dressed up and went out with my friends to the best house parties around.  Now that life is over... but I make the whole month making pumpkin everything and going out of my way to drill everything Halloweenie to my little ones.  We go to at least 3 pumpkin patches for a fun run around that isn't the typical park situation.  I also like  to take pictures in their Halloween costumes in the patch.  The final pumpkin patch trip is the whole family and we've been making it tradition to go with some friends of ours and their kids.  LOVE this month.  Here are some of my favorite patches in San Diego....

TLC Pumpkin Patch in Tierra Santa - This place is small and rustic and I really like it.  Best of all it's not on the "pumpkin patch" lists when you google or look around for them which means limited people.

This year I also like Summer Past Farms in the Foothills of East County in the community of Flinn Springs.  I went on a weekday- the 18th and there was nobody there which is kinda amazing since it is totally badass.  http://www.summerspastfarms.com/