Saturday, April 21, 2012

San Diego Botanic Garden - Ladybug Day April 21

I was extremely happy with this event!  It really exceeded my expectations and was well worth the drive out there.  Even if there was no event, just running around the gardens (jungle) is fun in itself.  However they have a rad toddler/ preschool area to explore ( Seeds of Wonder Children's Garden).  He LOVED it.  Dare I say even better than Seaworld, or The Zoo....then add on the whole Ladybug theme, it really was cool.  We did stamping and coloring,  and he made his very own flower arrangement which we brought home for Daddy.  It was quite beautiful actually ( and LOVED making it- so cute and proud of himself).  We also beaded a necklace which is really quite his thing lately since he always wants to hold the ones in my jewelry box (and break them).  He's been carrying his necklace treasure around all day.  Getting to see the ladybugs released at noon was fun as he got to hold them and put a few in his little cup to free again later in the garden.  There were a bunch of other great crafts as well that we just skipped over to run around. The highlight?  Probably the mini TRAIN set running for my choo choo obsessed child.  We didn't even have time for Hamilton's Children's Garden or much of the whole park itself considering naptime was closely approaching.  I quickly made our escape to the car while he enjoyed a frozen strawberry Mexican Leche bar thingee.  I cannot wait to go back out here for another event.  Considering the possibility of have his 3rd Birthday part here next year since it's right around the same time. *This is also Earth Day weekend.... so maybe there were less people. Wonderful!

pics to be up soon...

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