Saturday, September 29, 2012

List of Things You Need to Prepare for a New Baby

When I was pregnant with N - I kept searching for the ultimate list of everything I would really NEED for a baby.  I mean I wanted to know what I needed beyond the obvious stuff on the typical registry.  I am finally going to break down some of the essentials  and skip some of the obvious stuff  .  The ones that may not be on your typical baby list but were definitely helpful for us with both kids....

  • Nose Frida
  • Swaddle Blankets ( Aden + Anais muslin style)
  • wipe warmer ( those wipes are cold on a lil baby bum at night )
  • bouncy seats x 3 - one for every main room if possible - search CL they are cheap
  • stretchy wrap ( Moby / Ktan up to about 12 weeks or so then upgrade)
  • Soft structured baby carrier such as a Tula, Ergo, Boba, WCMT
  • Twighlight Turtle ( great for getting a good latch at night without waking everyone up and it's relaxing)
  • White noise machine that makes ocean, heartbeat, rain sound  (mostly used with our 1st)
  •  Nipple Shields & Lansinoh (very helpful with my 1st  while learning to BF- didn't need for my 2nd it all came much easier)  
  •  Handsfree Breastpump bra (Simple Wishes or something similar) .  Very helpful if you pump,  makes it a lot easier
  •  Nursing stool / glider

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